Our story.

Have you ever thought of what happens to the rest of the coconut, after the glossy packaging has been filled?

Globally almost 70 billion coconuts are harvested annually from coconut farms, which are largely owned by smallholder farmers. They have limited alternative uses for the husks. The vast majority of coconut husks are burnt after the nut has been extracted for food. GoodHout is an impact-driven start-up that turns the coconut husks into a bio-based composite: Coconut Husk Board.

Our founder, Silvia ten Houten, was struck by the potential of this so-called waste when travelling in Indonesia. By developing the coconut husk bio-composite, we are able to provide an additional income source for local farmers in developing countries. Additionally we are diverting these husks from adding to greenhouse gas emissions.

Furthermore we are a purpose-driven organisation with the aspiration to develop a world-first Fair Trade building and design material. We are commercialising the process of transforming coconut husk into a 100% bio-based, durable engineered composite.

Join us in changing the world, one coconut at a time!

Our product.

The world is looking for more sustainable and circular materials – and this is exactly what GoodHout is all about. We are made from a truly renewable source: 100% post-harvest coconut waste.

Coconut husk board is 100% natural, made without any toxic or chemical additives such as formaldehyde, which are so common in comparable wood-based panels and composites. Due to our technology the naturally present glues are activated and an engineered bio-material is produced.
It sounds simple but our solution is the result of over 15 years of material science and wood engineering innovation, that was kicked off by Wageningen University in the Netherlands.


  • Durable

  • High density

  • Flame resistant

  • Moisture resistant

  • Mouldable

  • Suitable for indoor uses

In addition, the material is suitable for offices, in the hospitality sector, hotels, retail and residential projects. Large scale projects that want to achieve a luxurious organic look are perfect partners for GoodHout products.

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Coconut husk composite material can be used for all sorts of products, that are functional such as interior design elements, fashion or furniture accessories. The product usage is endless when you have a creative mind in combination with a great durable and upcycled material.

The natural look of the coconut husk board is suitable for creating distinctive spaces. Accent lines or organic backdrop on the wall are great examples. Its excellent dimensional stability means it can be glued as a top-layer to a carrier or attached as a wall panel with a basic montage clip.

Similar to wood, our coconut husk board is a natural product that can be oiled for ease of maintenance. In addition, the material can be pressed with logos or decorative finishes, matte or high gloss textures, laser cut and engraving treatments.


The strength, durability and dimensional stability make this material suitable for applications which require constructive and decorative specifications. Suitable for counter tops, coffee tables or shelving. Due to its natural, organic look and feel of the coconut husk fibres, this visually creates a beautiful impact, especially on larger surfaces.



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Together we will improve the world one coconut at a time.